TPPミュージアム「友の会」Friends of the Museum Study Group #1


2:00 pm: TPPミュージアム「友の会」Friends of the Museum Study Group #1

June 15, 2014

日時 2014年6月15日 14:00 〜 16:00
場所 天神山アートスタジオ  TEL 011-820-2140

Friends of the TPP Museum Study Group

内容  content
Learn about Trans-Pacific Partnership through images and creating Yurukyara


Through watching videos about TPP, we will think about our lives, and then we will create new TPP Yurukyara. TPP Yurukyaras will be presented in the TPP Museum Guides, published monthly.

どなたでも参加可能です。 Anyone can participate
参加費無料 this event is free
事前申込不要 there is no need to book